Where to Watch Virtual Reality Videos?

It seems that being able to see your own world in 3D reality is no longer enough. Now, we want to view someone else’s world and be immersed in action that we would otherwise never get to experience. Virtual reality videos are taking off, with people not only creating the videos themselves but the viewing technology as well. Below, we fill you in on what’s available and where to watch virtual reality videos.

What are Virtual Reality Videos?

Many people think that a 360-degree video is the same as a virtual reality video, but that’s not entirely true. While you can view both with VR headsets, you don’t get the “real deal” with a 360-degree video. It would be like choosing a budget brand over a high-end brand.

VR videos add a depth illusion, offering a different point of view and position for both of your eyes through stereoscopic 3D features. You get to see objects close up which actually feel close up, and the same for items that are far away. Three-sixty-degree videos, however, only provide that full view without any notable perception changes.

How to Watch Virtual Reality Videos?

Even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest in electronic equipment, you can still enjoy everything VR videos have to offer. While there are high-end virtual reality headsets on offer such as Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift, you can also use your phone and a piece of cardboard as a low-grade version.

Using your Android phone and a VR cardboard viewer, you can enjoy watching VR on a range of platforms that make you feel like you’re really there. View crazy adventures from unbelievable angles or even watch sports games from what feels like the crowded stadium.

Where to Watch Virtual Reality Videos?

As with most new technology, it can take a while to become commonplace. Take, for example, the TV. When it first hit the market, very few people owned them, and it took a while for the idea to catch on. After all, radio was all most people needed, right?

People are still of the belief that everyday HD content is all they require. That is, of course, until they realize how spectacular VR content can be. Eventually, more and more people will begin to build VR videos, adding them to popular video platforms for more people to view.

For now, however, the options are limited. There are no common specific viewing platforms for Virtual Reality videos, and the best place to view them, at least for now, is YouTube. If you’re not too fussy about what you want to watch, you can search VR videos in the search bar. You can also do this on several other video websites with varying results.

Virtual Reality Videos are not yet commonplace, which means that not everyone knows where to watch them. As more and more people see the benefit of such content, it will be harder to find content that ISN’T virtual reality!

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