Best Free Image Hosting Websites 2018 for Photos and Videos

The wide acceptance of cloud computing and smartphones with amazing connectivity allow us all to snap pictures and videos anytime and share it anytime we want. If you are also a fan of creating and uploading photos & videos and you want to ensure that your visually appealing content remains safe online, then you should know about best free image hosting websites 2018 for photos and videos mentioned right here.

  • Imgur

This website is among the top 50 online properties which should give you a fair idea of the fact that it’s the biggest image hosting website on the planet. What makes this website alluring is that you don’t need to register to store images and videos. The website offers a lot of space and freedom, but it has its limitations regarding how much content is uploaded at a time. The images and videos you keep here would be yours to access forever.

  • Imagebam

If you want to create thumbnail galleries quickly, then you need to know about this amazing website. If you are after archives without an index, you can upload compressed zip files. Though there are no limits to the number of uploads, downloads, duration of time a file is hosted, there is one limitation. You can’t download images that exceed 10 MB. The registration is optional but recommended because it lets you get access to photo management tools.

  • Flickr

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of this amazing website that allows 1 TB of storage, smart photo management, and great photo editing tools. This website is more suitable for the prosumer audience as compared to GIF users. If you go for the Pro Plus (paid), you will get access to ad-free browsing, advanced stats, and a desktop auto-uploader.

  • Imgbb

If you are after a simple image hosting website, then this is the answer. It has a simple drag and drop user interface, no add-on features or trimmings and no limit of the number of files you can upload/download or how long they will stay online. However, there is a 16 MB limit on file size. Though there is no pressure to register, do remember that the files you upload will be reviewed by human editors.

  • Imagetitan

This is another easy to use image hosting website that accepts only PNG, GIF, and JPG file types. The files will remain there for as long as you want and there are no restrictions with regard to download/upload or for how long you can keep the files online. You can also get a deletion code and delete a file at a later date. The file size is limited to just 1.5 MB.


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